Price 325 CAD  / month

Common Home

Features: Network Desk. 4 Days a week (16 days a month). Weekdays 8am - 6pm. 4 Days Conference Room use per month (subject to availability). Membership can be paused for $25 for up to two weeks. Price based on 3 month membership.

Minimum Commitment

3 months

Time Passes
  • Day Pass 25 CAD (4 included/week)
Booking Credits
  • Conference & Meeting Room – 32h/month included

This plan renews automatically.

IMPORTANT: Please Read.

This plan renewals on a monthly payment plan, at a discounted rate. You may cancel anytime*.

In order to receive founding member prices, this membership is for three months, and requires advance payment.

Before finalising your membership we will send you an email confirming your plan. You will then have 24 hours, before your credit card is billed for the full amount listed above.

If you prefer to be billed on the first day of your membership (August 30th), then just let us know after you have signed up.

After the three months (provided you are super happy of course!) you will be switched to monthly billing at the rate plan of your choice - minus the founding member discount**.

Much like a successful startup, we are continually evolving, improving and looking for customer feedback. If there is anything you are unsure of, do not feel comfortable with or would like to change let us know! Feel free to speak to one of us personally by phoning us on 604 698 5601.

Thanks for signing up to become a founding member!

*You can cancel your membership (renewal) up to two weeks before the monthly plan starts.

**Lifetime 10% discount applies to renewal of this plan only. If upgrading plans the value of discount applied to this plan will be transferred to the new plan and is valid for three years. If downgrading a 10% discount will be applied to the new plan and is valid for three years.


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